Ceramic Fiber Modules

Ceramic Fiber Modules for Extreme Temperatures

Zartech can supply any type of module with various attachment systems.

Ceramic Fiber Modules


he basic module is made from folded or edge grain ceramic fiber. We have modules that are designed for temperatures ranging from 1600ºF to 2800ºF.

Zartech can also provide our own module made from folded or edge grain blanket for temperatures up to 2400ºF using either a weld stud or thread stud attachment. We have production facilities across the USA that allow us to supply shipments on very short notice. Our modules use alloy tubes for holding blanket to attachment flange for easy installation.

We can also provide modules of non-standard sizes. Monster modules can be made to nearly any desired measurements for single unit installation. Whether your needs are a few special shape modules or several hundred standard sizes, we are prepared to quickly supply pricing and shipment.

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