Precast Refractory Shapes

Precast Refractory Shapes for High Wear Furnace Parts

Precast refractory shapes from castable can be made to customer drawings. Capabilities range from very small up to 20,000lbs. We maintain an inventory of light weight and dense castables servicing temperatures up to 3000ºF that can be used for precast shapes.

Refractory Shapes


e have a complete mold shop using rubber, wood, or metal as required. Molds can be made for one time or multiple uses depending on your requirements and needs.

With two 5,000lb. mixers and several smaller mixers, we have the ability to batch castings of any size. We also have four ovens for curing. These ovens can cure up to temperatures of 1200ºF for large precast refractory shapes and 2000ºF for smaller shapes that require a ceramic bond.

We can custom craft your pier blocks, jambs, headers and floors. Any high wear area of your furnace is a candidate for a precast shape for quick replacement with minimal downtime. Our engineers can help you with design and refractory recommendations.

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