Brick and Die Cutting

Refractory Brick and Die Cutting for Textiles

We can die cut high temperature textiles. Small quantities of arches, wedges, or tile for special projects can also be cut from straight bricks.

Refractory Brick & Fire Brick Cutting


e maintain inventories of many refractory firebricks in most grades. Our inventories are primarily made up of standard brick straights; however, we can always obtain arches, wedges, or tile for special projects. Small quantities of these shapes can be cut from straights for emergency work.

We have IFB in grades 2000, 2300 and 2600, but can special order higher ratings. We also carry Super Duty and 70% alumina dense bricks for immediate delivery, and can special order other grades such as mullite or SiC. If your needs for a particular refractory brick grade and shape are of a special nature we can work a stocking arrangement for just in time delivery service.


Die Cutting for High Temperature Textiles


ne of our manufacturing specialties is die cutting high temperature textiles. We have a number of presses to complete orders ranging from small quantities to large routine production runs. We have die board capability and can often go from drawings to finished parts in a matter of days.

We also have sewing capability and can die cut production quantity pieces to make sewn shapes very affordable.

We have equipment and maintain significant inventories of high temperature textiles in all offices to better provide you with local service. Contact us to let our engineers assist you with your gasket needs.

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