We stock a wide variety of high temperature and fireproof insulation products: High Temperature Insulation Boards, Fireproof Insulation, & Duct Wrap Insulation, & Mineral Wool. We also offer Sprayed / Gunned Insulation and installation system services.




agnaboard products are a family of rigid high temperature fiber boards. They are made from a variety of manmade fibers servicing temperatures from 1000ºF to 2600ºF. They exhibit low shrinkage and low thermal conductivity. At their designed temperature range they offer good stability against temperature, thermal shock and chemical attack.

These boards are made with an organic binder as well as inorganic binder. The organic binder offers better room temperature strength but does have a one time low temperature off gas during preheat stages. They can be supplied with a burnout and ridgidizer for applications requiring smoke free characteristics.

Standard sizes and thickness are stocked for immediate shipment; however, we are able to custom design any board shape for repetitive application to eliminate wasted material. We can make any board size up to 48in X 108in X 6in.

In addition to our own family of boards we stock Unifrax’s Duraboard® product group, which are a family of high temperature ceramic fiber boards. They have temperature capabilities up to 3000ºF and are available in a range of densities and hardness.

To be a complete supplier of boards we also maintain an inventory of transite, marinate, millboard and calcium silicate. Although not all sizes and grades are stocked, we can usually supply special needs on short notice.




artech inventories most forms of mineral wool/rockwool. As a Thermafiber distributor we have K-fac 1900ºF block insulation in stock. We also have bulk, batts and blanket for immediate shipment.

Rockwool bulk fiber can be utilized in our vacuum forming process to make intermediate temperature but low cost shapes. It is available in 1200ºF and 1900ºF qualities. Rockwool can be used for fire proofing as well as insulation. We are happy to make a recommendation of the right insulation product for your needs.

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