Glass / Pottery Equipment & Supplies

Glass / Pottery Equipment: Kiln Repair & Design

We have supplies for both industrial and hobby glass and pottery producers. Our traditional refractories are available in small quantities for kiln repair as well.


Potter Supplies


or the potter we can supply kiln shelves, clays, insulating brick, alumina wash coatings as well as mortars. We can also assist in small kiln design or fabricate special kilns for individual needs. For the electric hobby kiln we can supply electric heating elements for replacement needs. We also have LDS Moldable® for patching, QF-180™ for coating and ridgidizer for hardening.

Glass Fabrication


lass fabricators utilize our ceramic boards for machining to produce intricate designs for decorative windows and architectural displays. We have developed custom boards that are rigid and fine grain for holding detail shape and stable at slumping temperatures for shaping glass. In addition, we have coatings that can improve the life and repeated usage of the shape boards. For the glass blowers we have refractory and insulating bricks as well as mortars for the melters and leers. Many of our high temperature textiles have applications for glass producers.

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