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High-Temperature Industrial Furnace Installation

Western Industrial Ceramics specializes in supplying and installing refractory materials in industrial furnaces of all kinds. We have engineering and construction crews with extensive experience on all types of furnaces.


ur experience covers most furnaces types including boilers, heat treat, metal melting, refining, laboratory, kilns, ovens, crucible, forging, reduction or refining. We can engineer refractory linings for gas fired, electric fired, induction or radiant heated. We have heat flow programs that can design refractory combinations for performance as well as fuel savings. We are also familiar with conditions that degrade refractory performance such as chemical attack, abrasion, flame impingement or thermal shock and can assist in designing linings that resist these problems.

With locations across the country, we maintain equipment and trucks for quick response to both emergencies and planned shut downs. Contact our staff for your requirements.

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